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Wastewater Treatment System


Your SuperTreat Queensland System is designed to provide advanced secondary level wastewater treatment for household wastewater from ALL sources. It ensures that the outgoing recycled water is clean, clear, and free from any odor, making it suitable for delivery to garden areas.

The household wastewater from all plumbing in the house first undergoes primary or anaerobic treatment in the primary chamber. After that, it passes into the secondary aeration chamber where aeration or ‘aerobic’ treatment takes place.

Before being delivered to the irrigation area, the treatment process includes clarification and disinfection to further improve the quality of the water.

The entire process operates automatically, ensuring effective processing of household wastewater and making the treated water readily available for reuse in your garden areas.


The simple, smart design of the SuperTreat Queensland secondary wastewater treatment system makes it the easiest and most effective product on the market to install, run, and service. The five-chamber SuperTreat Queensland concrete tank is one piece, cast in a single mould, making it tough and totally leak-free. The system collects and processes household wastewater from all sources, safely recycling it and delivering clean, odour-free water for gardens and lawns.

Smart. Safe. Clean

The Process

  1. The wastewater flows into the secondary chamber where the remaining solids fall to the base of the tank.
  2. It then moves to the aeration chamber where it is aerated and re-oxygenated. Additionally, a biological media sheet traps bacteria and algae in this chamber.
  3. The water, now quite clear, enters the clarifier chamber where the remaining sludge is collected and returned to the primary chamber.
  4. From there, it flows into the pump-out chamber where crystal-clear water exits the system.
  5. The water passes through a chlorinator and disinfector unit before being pumped out using a high-quality pump.
  6. Finally, the treated water becomes available for irrigation.


What Does It Do?

The initial process provides the primary treatment of the incoming wastewater. The sizing of this chamber is critical for effective treatment and is designed to cater for up to 10 people (10 E.P) residing in the home. During primary treatment, the wastewater is broken down and partially treated, while retaining the solids. However, the resulting liquid still contains high levels of unhealthy bacteria.

The effectiveness of this process is enhanced when a “blanket” or scum layer forms on the surface and a sludge layer exists on the chamber floor. Over time, typically after a number of years, this chamber will accumulate both scum and sludge, reducing its capacity to around 50%. At this point, it becomes necessary to pump out your SuperTreat Queensland system to restore its operational capacity.

Brands We Install

We at Pike’s waste water services are happy to offer many options when it comes to choosing your brand and model of wastewater treatment plant. We are the local Darling Downs and surrounds supply and service agent for:

  • Bio Treat
  • Super Treat
  • Fuji Clean
  • Taylex

We service all other models also, including:

  • Ozzi Kleen
  • Taylex
  • Bio cycle
  • Aqua Nova and many more

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