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Septic Tank Services in Glenvale, QLD


At Pike’s Waste Water Services, we offer the best professional septic tank services in Glenvale to serve the residential, commercial, and industrial needs. With many years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals ensures the best service to our customers.

We have a team of professional technicians who have comprehensive knowledge about the septic tank systems Glenvale.

Our Primary Services Include:

  • Treatment plant repairs
  • Septic tank Servicing
  • Septic tank installations
  • Septic tank inspection and maintenance
  • Treatment plant Servicing


Why Hire a Professional Company for Septic Tank Services?

A septic tank or Sewage treatment plant is one of the most crucial components of the home and is commonly found in areas where there is no connection to main sewage pipes like in the rural areas & outer lining suburb’s . The septic tank collects sewage and grey water and needs to be regularly checked and maintained.

If you have a septic system then you should know that failing to maintain it regularly may lead to huge problems that can be inconvenient and expensive to fix. Not to mention heavy fines from the council for becoming non-compliant.

Since septic tank issues are not the type of problems that you can tackle on a do-it-yourself basis, hiring a professional to deal with repair and maintenance needs will prove to be an important investment.

Below are some things that should not be put into the septic system

  • Cooking grease, oils, or fats
  • Pesticides
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Disinfectants and other household chemicals.


By understanding that your septic system is crucial in establishing the proper waste management, we help prevent expensive repairs to your septic tank. The septic tank or treatment plant collects the waste which is then sent back into the soil surrounding the property. The more solid material collecting at the bottom of the tank means there will be less space in the tank for liquids to be processed. We aim to minimise the build up by regular servicing.

Why Choose Pike’s Waste Water Services?

We at Pike’s Waste Water Services are septic tank specialists and provide the most effective solutions regarding any issues, questions, or concerns related to your septic system.

There can be many potential problems with septic tanks which can block the drains. One of which can be caused by the excessive dumping of cooking oils and grease which are not only difficult to degrade as well as can cause odour problems. Some chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and those with a high concentration of bleach can also damage your system as well. The longer the blockage stays, the more it will flow back causing more damage. Thus, we address problems when they are small and offer you complete peace of mind, as early as possible.

Our skilled technicians have the best knowledge and tools to make sure your septicsystem is working properly. We are fully-equipped to identify the cause of the issue and give the best solutions to get your septic tank systems Glenvale back in perfect condition.

Contact Our Reliable Team

It is important to regularly schedule your tank check-ups with professional technicians. Get in touch with Pike’s Waste Water experts today to avail the best septic tank services in Glenvale at an affordable cost! Call us on 0428 787 462 to discuss your needs.