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Terms & Conditions

Pike’s Waste Water Services Herby agrees to provide preventative Quartley maintenance plus required emergency service for the installed domestic waste water treatment plant at the above address under the following conditions:

1. For the contract period provide Quarterly services as per the Maintenance Schedule, including the supply of required disinfectant, which in this state is choline in the form of tablets.

2. Complete a written report at the time of each Quartley service, providing a Quartley Maintenance Report copy to the Customer and a further copy to the Local Authority.

3. Following the Warranty period as stated in the Sales Contract on Specific Septic Systems, any parts or materials necessary for service will be a separate charge to the Customer, together with labour costs, should return calls need to be made, due to replacement or factory reconditioning of damaged parts. Quotation can be requested on the customer’s wish, otherwise upon written permission signature from the customer works will be carried out immediately.

4. Should any repairs or parts need to be provided during regular or emergency servicing as a result of negligence, willful interference with the system, overloading beyond the system’s capability, or if due to earthquake, fire, flood, storm, lighting or tempest then labour and parts supply costs will be considered the responsibility of the owner.

5. Emergency Service required under this Contract after business hours or week-end periods, holidays etc. may be handled at the first available normal work period following the reported difficulty. The service response would be in direct relation to the nature and cause of the service call requirement. It can also incur a call-out fee which is at the discretion of the Service Agent.

6. Phone contacts for normal business hours and after-hours reporting will be provided by the Servicing Agent. In some after hours situations an answering service may accept your service call requirement.

7. Any costs incurred to recover any payments due as per our trading terms will be the responsibility of the customer entirely as outlined in section 4.

Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services

1.The term “PWWS” or “us” or “we” refers to the owner of the business, Pike’s Waste Water Services. The term “you” refers to you as the customer engaging PWWS services.

2.1. Submitting Service Agreements/Contracts:

Completed Service Agreements/Contracts are submitted electronically through to our email address. Once your agreement/contract has been confirmed by PWWS you will be bound by this contract to pay for the services as outlined in the Service Agreement/Contract, subject to your rights to cancel or vary the Agreement/Contract set out in clause 8 of these terms and conditions.

3. Terms:

The supply of services by PWWS to you is governed by these terms and conditions unless PWWS has agreed to a variation of these terms and conditions in writing.

4. Price:

The price of the services & work carried out is the price quoted on the Agreement/Contract or invoice at the time of placing your Agreement/Contract, unless otherwise agreed in writing by PWWS. The price is inclusive of goods and services tax, unless stated otherwise. Prices quoted are based on the current market, and PWWS reserves the right to vary prices without any notice.


Tax invoices will be issued by email or given in person after the completion of any service provided by PWWS. This invoice is payable under the terms and conditions of 14 days after the date of issue. Any invoice paid after the due date or up to 90 days will incur an additional 10% cost of the total amount. Any invoice that exceeds 90 days will be treated as a non payment and debt collection processes will begin.

Payment options: are Credit card and incurs a surcharge of 1.5%, direct deposit or a cheque payment arrangement by you is made at the time of submitting your Agreement/Contract.

Financial Difficulties: If you unable to pay the amount in full as outlined in section 4 please contact PWWS in writing via email to arrange a suitable payment plan.

5. Delivery:

If work has or is need to be carried out on your system PWWS will endeavour to deliver your parts at the earliest possible time, subject to operational constraints. Where delivery is likely to be delayed PWWS may contact you to discuss your requirements. Late delivery does not of itself entitle you to cancel any Quartley Service or part order.

6. Access:

You will be responsible for providing free and suitable access for PWWS’s employees, contractors or agents and their vehicles to and from your premises for Quartley Services and/or any maintenance required, please make sure there is no obstruction on top of your system. This also applies to collecting any equipment belonging to PWWS at the end of the contract that is not paid for in full by you.

No responsibility is accepted for damage to the surface of any area which PWWS’s contractors, employees or agents are required to pass over to gain access to the domestic treatment plant, or to any pipes, cables or other fixtures beneath such access ways.

7. Refunds:

PWWS will provide a full refund of fees paid in respect of any ordered services not provided by us, provided you notify PWWS of the request for refund within 5 working days of the scheduled delivery date for the service. Refunds will be processed to your nominated bank account.

 8. Cancellation/Termination of Contracts:

Cancellations of contract must be made in writing to PWWS 30 days before the next scheduled service or within 30 days of commencement. If you cancel/terminate the Contract or sell the home, we will immediately refund any credit amounts paid by you into your nominated bank account, less 0ne Quarter.

All onsite Equipment/Products belonging to PWWS must be made available as in item 6 for collection or delivered back to PWWS at your expense within 7 days of terminating contract. Any damages to the Equipment/Products if not removed by PWSS is at your expense and will be invoiced accordingly.

PWWS also reserves the rights to terminate contracts with you for non-payment of accounts after 2 noted offences. If this occurs all PWWS Equipment/Property remains the rights of the company and as such must be returned in working order as noted in item 6 and 8.

9. Complaints and Handling Policy:

PWWS aims to provide a professional service to you and as such would appreciate if you raise any concerns or complaints with us in writing. Processes for handling complaints:

1. We will reply within 24 hours in writing upon receiving the complaint including a copy of our grievance policy if requested.

2. We will investigate the complaint defining the nature which may include conduct and or operation of equipment.

3. We will document all correspondence regarding the complaint.

4. We will provide you with feedback and a resolution solution to the complaint within 5 working days.

10. Trespassing:

Notwithstanding the above, PWWS reserves the following rights in relation to the Equipment/ Products

until all invoiced amounts owed by you are paid in full:

(a) legal and equitable ownership of the PWWS Equipment/Products;

(b) to enter your premises (or the premises of any associated company where the Equipment/Products

are located) without liability for trespass or any resulting damage and retake possession of the Equipment/Products belonging to PWWS

(c) to keep, reuse or resell any PWWS Equipment/Products repossessed pursuant to (b) above

11. Limitation of Liability:

The liability of PWWS for any claim, damages, loss or expense related to the supply of services is limited to the cost paid or payable by you for those services except where statute expressly requires otherwise. To the fullest extent permitted by law, PWWS will not be liable in any event whether in tort, contract or otherwise for any loss of profits or any consequential, indirect or special damage, loss or injury of any kind suffered by you or any other person.

12. Force Majeure:

PWWS will not be liable for any failure or delay in complying with any obligation imposed by these terms if the failure or delay arises from any circumstance beyond PWWS’s control, including without limitation fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, war, insurrection, sabotage, industrial disputes, transportation embargo, changes in law, delays or disruption by government or government agencies.

13. Privacy:

You authorise PWWS to collect, retain and use personal information about you for the purpose of processing payment for any services which you purchase from PWWS using the website, or for any other purpose that you authorise. You have rights of access to and correction of any personal information that is held about you. Under the Privacy Act 1993, you may request access to or correction of your personal information held by PWWS subject to payment of reasonable charges for compliance with any request for access to or correction of personal information.

14. Waiver:

If at any time PWWS does not enforce any of these terms or grant you time or other indulgence, PWWS will not be construed as having waived that term or its rights to later enforce that or any other term.

15. Severability:

If any portion of these terms is deemed to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

16. Governing Law: These terms will be governed by Queensland law and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Queensland Courts.