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Septic Tank Services in Withcott, QLD


In Withcott and surrounding areas, Pike’s Waste Water Services is a renowned name for providing the most efficient and cost-effective septic tank services. We are a local, family-owned and operated business catering to the residential, commercial, and industrial septic tank Withcott needs with a professional approach.

Sewage and water disposal has been a big challenge to the government in Withcott. The septic tank system Withcott acts as a small-scale method of disposing of waste solid & Liquid material.

The Septic tank or Treatment plant is an underground sewage system for household wastewater. It is not connected to the main council sewage system and is usually found in rural and outer lining areas.

A septic tank is made up of numerous compartments & components: the septic tank, the pipe, soil, and the drain field. Septic tank systems require ongoing maintenance because damage in any of the parts can cause the entire system to malfunction which can further lead to major repairs.

Since the septic treatment plants are compulsory when it comes to sewage disposal, regular maintenance is also compulsory for proper functioning and to improve their efficiency. Servicing is also heavily regulated by the local council for health & safety reasons.

We Provide Following Septic Tank Services in Withcott

  • New septic tank installation
  • Residential septic tank servicing
  • Commercial and industrial septic tank Maintenance
  • Sewage tank inspections
  • Septic systems inspection and maintenance
  • Septic system upgrade
  • Any other service required for your septic system


Why Hire a Professional Company for Septic Tank Services?

Most Importantly to keep your children & animals safe in the back yard from coming into contact with poorly treated effluent.

To remain compliant with local government regulations as a home owner.

  • Your septic tank may become clogged and begin to give a bad odour. This usually happens when cooking oil and grease enter leading to the blockage of the inlet drains.
  • Some non-biodegradable wastes such as paper, sanitary napkins and cotton earbuds are also responsible for the blockages.
  • Any cracks and damages in the septic tank.
  • The heavy inflow of water and other solid materials into the tank damage its function and leads to various septic issues.


To avoid these problems, call our professionals at Pike’s Waste Water services.  We are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to ensure the smooth functioning of your septic system. Engage our services to carry out regular maintenance check-ups.

Most people do not pay attention to their septic system personally. Even if you are the kind of person who puts in extra effort to keep a check on your septic systems, it is most important to have a professional service to properly take care of the septic system Withcott.  This is because servicing of the tank should be done in a way so that it makes the septic system work efficiently.

Why Choose Pike’s Waste Water Services?

Our expert technicians at Pike’s Waste Water Services provide customers with different maintenance and septic tank plans. We make use of the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your entire plumbing and septic systems work flawlessly.

Contact Our Expert Team of Technicians

If your septic system is not working as expected and you don’t know what to do? Give us a call and we can help you with the best solution to your problem.

Reach us at 0428 787 462 to get the best septic tank service in Withcott.