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super treat toowoomba
We are agents for the locally owned and manufactured “Super Treat” Treatment plant. We can provide installation, advice, support & assistance. We stock all parts & accessories.

  • “Super-Treat” has been designing and manufacturing Wastewater Treatment Systems since 1986.
  • “Super-Treat’ Queensland has been redesigning and locally manufacturing systems to serve the wide range of specific needs of the Queensland market since the early 90’s.
  • We are naturally extremely proud of our local product, proven in reliability in serving the requirements of our Queensland customers.
  • Low maintenance is the key to satisfying system users as well as a low operating cost, we have achieved both those essentials.
  • The best reference of your product is the satisfied user who quickly becomes confident and satisfied with their “Super-Treat” HSPT serving their need of providing a healthy and reliable performance in the processing of their household wastewater.
  • It is worthwhile considering that there are many instances where the on site wastewater treatment plant will be the continual system for wastewater treatment, on acreage blocks and isolated circumstances reticulated services may never be provided.
  • Make your decision for the long term choosing a well enginered, well designed and well built system.

A “Super-Treat” system will meet those requirements.