If you’re buying bottled water, you’re wasting your hard-earned money. On the other hand, a rainwater tank will get you as close to a free lunch as you’re going to get.

When it rains, it pours into your rainwater tank and just like that, your fresh clean drinking water is there for the convenience of you and your family.

Here at Pike’s Waste Water Services, we can make sure you get the perfect rainwater system at your house for your drinking water.


Choosing A Tank

Our rainwater tanks come in a variety of sizes to suit every need. You can be sure they have been thoroughly tested and will be perfectly suited for your drinking water.

Our team can sit down with you to figure out your water usage and help select the right sized tank to suit your needs.


Out With Plastics

The environment does not need more plastic. Our planet has a huge problem with discarded plastic that cannot be discarded or recycled.

We love our oceans and our marine life here in Australia. And, even in countries without our famous beach culture, projects are under way to manage waste disposal and help clean up the sea.

With a rainwater tank of your own, you’ll no longer need to buy more plastic bottles of water.

When it comes to all the thousands of plastic bottles that cannot be recycled and end up finding their way into our seas, you’ll be doing your part in preserving our environment and not disrupting our fragile ecological system.

At the same time, water you would otherwise use from the local water system—somewhere around 100,000 litres of water— will be able to stay where it is.


Looking After Your Catchment

So that your drinking water is as clean and fresh as possible, your roof, drainage pipes and tank should be cleaned periodically.

It takes only a few minutes to make sure there’s no debris or blockages in your guttering and drainpipes. And, here at Pike’s Waste Water Services, we provide scheduled maintenance services to ensure that your tank is clean for drinking quality water.


Plumb It In

To make your life easier, the team at Pike’s can plumb your tank into your home. That way, when you turn on your taps, water you’ve collected at no cost will come through direct from your tank.


Ditch The Bottles

To start saving yourself money, contact us here at Pike’s Waste Water Services. Your rainwater tank will change your life. And, considering the size of the problem with plastic bottles, it won’t just be your life that benefits. It really is good for the planet.

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