Water is a precious resource, and the average modern home or business uses a lot of it. Not only that, these homes and businesses also produce a lot of waste water.

By professionally dealing with waste water, many of the things people use water for can be done by recycling. This saves on water bills, and cuts down on the demands put on the natural water supply.

Modern treatment systems are becoming more popular across Queensland, benefiting thousands of families and business operators. The wastewater Toowoomba produces is today becoming a useful resource you can make use of.

Safe Process

The most important thing to remember when processing your own waste water is that the system is safe. You’re not trying to re-make your own drinking water, just water that can be used safely elsewhere.

This essentially means you can water your garden effectively and efficiently, rather than your waste disappearing down a sewer. The cost savings of doing it this way are significant.

There are no moving parts in the early stages of the recycling process. Anaerobic digestion allows pollutants to break down naturally, then be separated off from the water.

Once this has happened, the separated material is processed by bacteria in the aeration chamber. These bacteria break down most of the waste material by means of a bio-filter.

The next stage of the process is the sedimentation chamber. This allows undigested material to separate out from the water. Some will sink to the bottom, some float to the top. The resulting clear water is then transferred to a pump out chamber.

From there, it’s pumped through a disinfection unit. This treats the water with chlorine, making it safe to be used in the garden.

Efficient Use

This use of wastewater Toowoomba homes and businesses create is simple and effective. All the water from bathrooms, kitchens and toilets goes directly into the processor.

Plumbing the system in is relatively simple, once permission has been obtained. Secondary advanced wastewater systems are fully approved by the Queensland state government.

Apart from the pump at the final stage of the process, these systems have no working parts. This means they are extremely easy to maintain, as there’s nothing to go wrong with them. There are, however, audible and visible alarms attached to the fixtures, in case of any problems.

All the processing tanks are contained within a single unit, meaning it’s very easy to install. Gravity and other natural processes take care of the rest, giving superbly efficient use of all waste water.


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